Coaching Services

Alongside my counselling work I am an experienced coach offering one to one support for both independent professional and personal development.  I am passionate that dedicating time to yourself with someone who is external from your organisation and/or home life enables opportunities and growth to develop which are based primarily on the needs and desires of the individual.

I am able to offer my skills in a wide range of areas including career/executive coaching and life coaching.

In relation to business coaching I am able to support on a variety of issues/opportunities including career change, preparing for interviews, a desire to improve performance of yourself and/or your team and mediation.  In particular I have a passion for supporting individuals to become great leaders and fulfil their potential.   With a background in business focused in retail I have experienced the difference that leadership can make to individual and team performance. During the 12 years of my professional career I lead teams both small and large and I’m driven through witnessing others succeed.

In relation to life coaching I am passionate about work/life balance and supporting individuals to understand and focus on what’s important for them.  In the modern world the demands placed on us can be high and the pace in which we live can limit the time to reflect on whether our ‘choices’ in the way we live our lives are right for us.  I am also able to support others in working towards their goals, whatever they may be.

My fees are £100 for a 90 minute session, this includes any preparation required. Sessions can be arranged at a mutually beneficial location or in my counselling room in Aigburth, Liverpool 17.

If you, your team or organisation requires support of a wider scope I work alongside two colleagues on a consultancy basis.  More information can be found on our website Lead the Way Consulting.