Online Counselling

What is Counselling?

Counselling has many aims; to minimise distress, to support individuals to change something in their lives, to offer a place in which thoughts and feeling can be explored and to allow individuals to recognise their own value, to name just a few. Counselling provides the space for these aspects to occur by supporting individuals to reflect on emotions, psychological processes, experiences and the self.

I offer a safe and confidential space where you can discuss whatever you may be struggling with in an environment where you will not be judged.

You may be considering counselling for a number of reasons; you perhaps want support in moving forward from a difficult potentially traumatic experience which has occurred.  You may be dealing with something in the present; a relationship issue, a stressful working environment, a bereavement, issues with body image, are some possible examples.

Why online counselling?

For many people accessing traditional face to face therapy is difficult for many reasons; childcare, mobility issues, geography and limited time to name a few. It can also be quite daunting to attend counselling face to face and for some people they find it easier to share their feelings and thoughts with their counsellor when they are not in the same physical location. Generally, sessions take place somewhere the client is familiar with and feels safe in, rather than attending an office or the counsellor’s therapy room which may be at their home.

Other benefits to online counselling include:

  • Access to a wider range of therapists, not just the people in your local area.
  • Greater convenience in attending appointments as you can attend wherever you are as long as the space is confidential.
  • Accessibility

The world we live in can be high pressured and fast paced, not allowing us time to reflect and process our experiences.  Counselling allows you that time and my experience has shown it to be hugely beneficial to the vast majority of clients I have been fortunate to sit with.

First Steps

When considering counselling clients can often feel nervous and unsure, particularly if this will be their first experience of counselling.   Know that you are not alone.  I offer a 15 minute telephone consultation before any work we do begins in order for you to ask any questions you may have.  It also allows you the opportunity to begin to understand if I am the right counsellor for you, or if in fact that that counselling is not something you wish to proceed with at the present time.

After deciding to see a counsellor many clients are still unsure as to what to ‘do’ or what will happen in a session.  Typically in your first session I will ask you to talk to me about what has brought you to counselling, you can ask any questions you may have about how we will work together and if it would be helpful for you to discuss what you would like from our sessions.  You may not know this initially and that’s ok.  If you decide to continue, subsequent sessions will allow you the space and time to explore your issue(s) further and through working together enable you to find the best way forward.

Further Information

I am able to help with a wide range of issues but have particular experience of working with bereavement and loss having volunteered at the Liverpool Bereavement Service for two years. Additionally, as part of an MA in Clinical Counselling I have completed research on those that feel suicidal.

My fees are £45 for a session lasting one hour, which is payable in advance.

As my practice is based in the UK it is subject to UK law.

Getting in touch

If you would like to organise a telephone consultation to explore the possibility of online counselling please don’t hesitate to get in touch